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The Soft Skills Required

The Soft Skills Required

Creators have also brought back into focus some of the “soft skills” that have taken a backseat in recent years.

From their uncanny ability to create and nurture communities, to fearlessly exploring new platforms, to courageously showing up as their authentic selves day after day, creators continually demonstrate the value of often overlooked capabilities that we could all use more of, whether or not we’re trying to build a Twitter following.

Fearless Self Expression

Fearless Self Expression

Today, creators have blown the starving artist trope out of the water by proving there’s real value in showcasing what makes you tick. Self-expression—whether it be through storytelling, personal style, music, dance, or even a nerdy obsession with Excel or personal finance—is what makes creators so compelling for the rest of us. Their self-confidence and authenticity in sharing their knowledge and passions is what draws people into the communities that have significant financial and cultural worth.

Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

The thirst to continuously learn is what’s called a growth mindset, and it’s something that creators have in spades. What most people don’t realize is the amount of trial and error it takes for creators to find their niche, fine-tune their content, and build their brand. It’s work that is never really done, requiring continuous adaptation, a refusal to be intimidated by what they don’t know (yet), and a just-in-time learning style—the resourcefulness to find information they need, when they need it.

Content Creation: The Facts

Content Creation: The Facts

Content creation is serious business. The industry was worth $13.8 billion in 2021 with brands, marketers, and social media platforms reliant on creators to reach critical audiences.

Meanwhile, creators themselves have proven they are legitimate entrepreneurs who boast some serious hard skills: photography and video editing, SEO, small business financial management, and contract negotiation.


Creators bring to live the latest buzzword, resilience, everyday.

We all know the potential pitfalls of putting yourself on social media—relentless criticism, trolling, and bullying. It’s not right, but it is reality, and creators face more of it than most. To be successful, creators have to stay laser focused on their goals–building community, showcasing their skills, providing value to their followers–all while setting strong boundaries and tuning out negativity.

The Bottom Line

In a fast-moving world where technology, culture, and the economy can shift literally overnight, the ability and willingness to challenge yourself to learn new skills, share your experience, and see opportunity in obstacles is essential—even if you never aspire to trend on TikTok.

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