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The tokenomics of the protocol ensures the protocol remains stable, scalable, and profitable as more users join. Safuu’s token supply is only 325,000 $SAFUU, with an auto burn rate of 2.5%, auto staking and liquidity provision (LP) every 48 hours and the factor of rebasing at 15min intervals provides a more linear progression of sustainability. Simply, the more that is traded on a daily basis, the bigger the Treasury & SIF balance grows automatically to aid with long-term sustainability and future growth.


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#engineering, #machinelearning and #crypto

Interesting new mechanism brought to market by SAFUU, I would stay away for a while until proved due to close enough resemblances with the Terra ecosystem, but one might just need a deeper dive into these mechanics to make a decision.

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The Psychology of Money

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The impact of emotions on financial decisions

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Making the future of DeFi sustainable and stable

Key to maintaining sustainability despite the high APR is Safuu’s Fire Pit , which is a buyback-and-burn contract that reduces the circulating supply of $SAFUU tokens. According to the company’s website, 2.5% of all $SAFUU traded are burnt in the Fire Pit.

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