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Front Load Your First Mouthful

Front Load Your First Mouthful

There’s a reason the first bite of a chocolate bar tastes better than subsequent bites; the first bite is novel, then our taste buds become habituated. Even when the flavour of each bite or slurp is slightly different, if it looks the same our brain tends to assume that the taste also remains the same. The flipside of that is that we can use this reaction to our advantage and reduce the quantity of unhealthy food we consume by packing as much of it as possible into that first mouthful. This is harder to do at home but it is coming into play in the design of readymade foods.


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Ditching the cutlery, scoffing a big first bite and discussing the carrots can help rewire our brains and make us more mindful of our meals

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How To Eat Mindfully

How To Eat Mindfully

A piece of chocolate, eaten mindfully:

  1. Select the piece of chocolate keeping in mind your craving.
  2. Set aside any guilt or distractions and be fully present, sitting down to savour the experience.
  3. Unwrap the chocolate paying attention to the aroma and the sound.

Examples of Hedonic Adaptation

  • People who win the lottery are likely to revert to their original levels of happiness after the novelty of the win has worn off.
  • It is also true for those who are in major accidents. People generally tend to return to their pre-accident levels of happiness after a period.

3. Front-load your week

When planning ahead, put the bigger, harder, more pressing tasks at the start of the week (or day), so you can knock them out first and relax more as the week goes on. Set yourself up for success by front-loading your week.

This is kind of a version of Eat That Frog , a productivity ...

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