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One man's 10-year experiment to record every moment

One man's 10-year experiment to record every moment

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“An unexamined life is not worth living.”


Life, Quantified

Life, Quantified

Just 10 minutes of journaling boosts your performance by 20% Examining, noting, savoring the good things, will intensify your life experiences.

Digitally capturing your daily routine and thoughts also makes them searchable, and can later act as a search engine for your past years.



A process of self-reflection helps you take a third person's perspective on things, making you an outside observer.

Whether it's a daily journal or another life-blogging tool (like a portable camera), these tools help you reflect on your own life at a later stage.

Improving the Details

Improving the Details

Lifelogging helps the process of examining the small things, the tiny changes one can make in one's life to improve the daily experience.

These small improvements may not be revolutionary, but they elevate the overall life satisfaction.

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