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The Hook Model

The Hook Model is a way of explaining somebody's interactions with a product as they go through the four phases: the trigger to begin using the product, an action to satisfy the trigger, a variable reward for the actions, and an investment - in which the user feels that the product is more valuable to them.

After the cycle has been completed by the user, their habits will reinforce the product and therefore a win to the company.

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The Fear Of Not Achieving

Many of us imprison ourselves in a self-made world of denial, not able to confront our own failings. We end up blaming others, or the world for our own shortcomings, just to avoid our deepest fears, like shame and a sense of worthlessness.

Our inability to confront our feelings of inadequacy is partly due to the consumer culture we live in, where our worth is measured by our wealth, possessions and achievements. This makes it impossible to be okay with being sub-standard and incompetent.

The social and personal importance of music

Music is important to people individually and on a societal level. Music is greatly influential to the state of technology. The devices we use to listen to music shape the technological landscape.

But when did earbuds become synonymous with a portable music player, and where did it all start?

Earth Day: Origins
  • Earth Day, the birth of the environmental movement, is about raising public consciousness about the condition of our beloved blue planet.
  • The first Earth Day was celebrated on 22nd April 1970, a time when industrialization was making American corporations consume leaded gas and other harmful pollutants, something which the average American was unaware of.
  • The rising consciousness was a result of a 1962 bestseller ‘Silent Spring’ which shined a light on the decaying planet, the condition of living organisms, and the link between pollution and disease.
Dune: The Origin
  • In the late 50s, Frank Herbert, a freelance writer, was roaming the desert landscapes of Florence, Oregon, researching sand dunes.
  • His classic Dune got rejected by about 20 publishing houses, and soon after getting published by a magazine company, built up a huge fan base in the coming two decades.
  • Fifty years later, it is considered the greatest novel of the science fiction genre.

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