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2. Set a time table

Set a time table, avoiding unnecessary activities and prioritising your work. 

Once you set a goal for yourself the first and most important step is giving time to that particular goal.

Success requires engagement and a lot of effort. The more you will work for it, the greater you will receive.

Save your time , don't waste it because time is very important and investing your today in hardwork will surely make your future bright.


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Planning your goals is the first step to achieving them. Here are the top 4 ways to plan your goals and make them happen.

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How To Start Over: Reboot Your Life

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How to set new goals

How to take action towards a new life

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Set Time Constraints

Set pre-determined completion targets and time constraints to finish up your work, otherwise, you will get distracted and the time it takes to complete your work will start to inflate.

Set boundaries in regards to your screen time

Whenever you feel like you are spending way too much time on your screen, consider setting clear boundaries: it is not the same to work and to just waste your time by watching things that might even end up increasing your anxiety.

Therefore, try using a separate device for work and person...

Set a time to end your workday

... and stick to it.
Knowing you have to complete your work by a certain hour will help you finish more work in less time.
Ending work at a set time also gives you a chance to relax and recharge, an essential part of long-term productivity.

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