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What not to do with your hands

Avoid putting your hands in your pockets. It makes it hard for people to get to know you. If you habitually put your hands in your pockets, try wearing clothes without pockets.

Avoid face touching. Touching your face is an anxious cue. You may also look more deceptive to others.

What to do with hands during standing conversations

What to do with hands during standing conversations

  • The Elbow Bend. Bend your elbows and keep your hands in front of you, especially if you’re dynamically using hand gestures during a conversation.
  • Carry a Drink. Whenever you’re at a party or networking event try grabbing a drink. Put your arm slightly to the side, so it’s not blocking your torso.
  • Use Charismatic Gestures. Gestures can help you be more fluent and help people to understand you.

What to do with your hands when you’re sitting

Hand gestures that you can use to help make a good impression:

  • The Lap Desk. Let your hands rest on your lap to appear calm and relaxed.
  • Elbows on Desk. If you have a front-facing desk, consider placing your elbows on the desk with your hands clasped. Don't nervously massage your hands.
  • The Steeple. Steeple your fingers together with your elbows in the air or on the table.
  • The Resting Chin. Rest your chin on your hand to look engaged in the conversation.

The 4 C’s of hand gestures

The 4 C’s of hand gestures

Imagine you're at a networking event or party. Have you ever wondered what to do with your hands?

When it comes to social interaction, keep the 4C's in mind.

  1. Calm. Keeping your hands relaxed shows that you are comfortable and confident.
  2. Confident. Display confidence with your hands by putting them in the steeple position where the fingers of both hands touch together.
  3. Connection. To connect with others, use hand-to-hand touch (if appropriate), hand-to-shoulder touching, or handshakes.
  4. Clean. Ensure your hands are clean before extending them to someone else.

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