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Growth Does Not Come From Comfort Zone

Growth Does Not Come From Comfort Zone

Everyday try to do something uncomfortable even a little so that brain gets calloused instead of getting scared of your fear and insecurities, it will always haunt you, having victim state of mind is waste of time, nothing changes but keeps you in a lopp of problem mindset. Identify week links and challenge them. Dig on things that you know are surely important for you but you are not doing.


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Do not let the EGO stop you from gaining more KNOWLEDGE

Inspires you with the story of David Goggins : U.S Navy seal about how he overcame his life full of hardships and how he motivated himself amidst uncertainity and achieved greatness by breaking the limit set by the mind and inspires you to break the limiting beliefs you set for yourself by coming out of comfort zone. The book is complete story of his life and I summarized some lessons to be learnt from the book.

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