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1. Respect

"Do you respect that person?" You don't need to be married to find out if you respect that person, that should be something that you should establish. You should ask yourself about the partner that you're with, "Do they respect me? or they only respect me when I wear the right clothing? The right make up on? or they're nice to me?" But being nice to someone does not mean you respect them, test that out, push a bit.

Find out if someone respect you even if you differ with them on things. Again, you don't need to be married or living tigether to try that out.


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3. Talking Openly (part 2)


l. How much do I/you need to make?

m. Are you okay if I don't work and you're the one one who's working/Are you okay if you don't work and I'm the one who's working for the family?

n. If we have children, what are we going to do?


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2. Compromise

If all you have done in your relationship is he calls you up and says, "Let's go to dinner." Then, you'll asked where you want to go. He'll said, "I chose last time you choose this time." And you'll agree.

You should try a night where each of you picks a place, and the other one is force to...


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3. Talking Openly

Ask each other about:

a. what would you do when you're married?

b. How would you live if you are married?

c. How would you raise your children?

d. What religion would you raise your children?

e. How often would you go to church?

f. Public or private school woul...


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How Do You Know S/he is the Person You Should Marry?

By listening to Mitch Albom's podcast I led to share his Three (3) Critical Points of a Successful Marriage/Relationship.


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3 Critical Points of a Successful Marriage/Relationship:

1. You MUST respect the other person.

2. You MUST compromise. Little ones and big ones.

3. You MUST talk openly. Communication is critical.

Look at these three things and make sure you have them in your relationship before you contemplate either move.


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If you think these are not important, and you'll reason out that love will find a way. Well, love runs into walls just like the rest of us. If the wall is constant, if there's no hole on it, if there's no way through it, eventually it can knock down too.

Before you make the decision for you...


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Sometimes I read books.

Marriage nowadays is overlooked, most couples are going separate ways because they find something that they don't know about their partner, that made them not compromising leading to breakups. Marriage should be valued and made God the center of it.

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True respect is when you respect someone even after you got to know them. It is easy to respect someone online or from a distance but that is not respect, it’s infatuation. It’s hard to replicate that respect when you know them beyond the perceived persona. Because now they’re no...

ABCDE prioritization method

  • A tasks: things you must do - they're your frogs. 
  • B tasks: things you should do. Replying to emails or attending meetings are often should-do tasks. 
  • C tasks: nice-to-dos. You probably want to do them, but there are no consequences if you don't.
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Decreasing Awkwardness

Decreasing Awkwardness

  • Find common interests and discuss them.
  • Encourage others to talk about what interests them.
  • Be gentle or help someone out, even if it is on a small thing.
  • Say something nice about another person or something associated with another person without being p...

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