Different Signs of Getting Old

Some people can see their blood sugar levels rise, leading to diabetes, while others may experience inflammation in the body, which can lead to heart diseases or certain types of cancer.

Research into the ways we age is currently going on in detail so that we can pinpoint, and eventually stop the aging process.





Biological aging isn't just about wrinkled skin or hair loss, but a lot of other changes that the body starts to undergo.

The body's organs, genes, cells and proteins, even the bacteria inside us, start to behave differently.

The Four Biological Ageing Pathways are different ways a person can age. These can be:

  • Liver Damage (hepatic)
  • Kidney functions (nephrotic)
  • Immune system degradation
  • Metabolic functions

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  • The stricter you restrict carbs (or total calories), the quicker you will be in ketosis.
  • Restricting your carb intake to 20g per day is a good heuristic (loose rule) for entering ketosis. It will generally get you into ketosis within a few days.
  • Fasting gets you into ketosis very quickly.



  • We tend to forget that the liver is a part of the organs that respond first against viruses and bacteria. Our livers are filled with cells that help in defending our immune system;
  • There are certain times where the liver aids other organs such as the brain when a person's blood sugar level drops. Since the brain relies on sugar as a source of energy, the liver reserve then releases the nutrients needed.
Sleep Hygiene

Objective: Get plenty of restorative deep and REM sleep on a regular basis.

Key tactics

  • Measure the stages of your sleep
  • Block blue light 3-4 hours before sleep
  • Have your bedroom dark and humid
  • Wake at exactly the same time each morning
  • Evaluate things that seem to help or disrupt sleep.

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