There's more than one way to age. How are you doing it? - Deepstash
There's more than one way to age. How are you doing it?

There's more than one way to age. How are you doing it?

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The Way We Age

Biological aging isn't just about wrinkled skin or hair loss, but a lot of other changes that the body starts to undergo.

The body's organs, genes, cells and proteins, even the bacteria inside us, start to behave differently.


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Types of Ageing

The Four Biological Ageing Pathways are different ways a person can age. These can be:

  • Liver Damage (hepatic)
  • Kidney functions (nephrotic)
  • Immune system degradation
  • Metabolic functions


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Different Signs of Getting Old

Some people can see their blood sugar levels rise, leading to diabetes, while others may experience inflammation in the body, which can lead to heart diseases or certain types of cancer.

Research into the ways we age is currently going on in detail so that we can pinpoint, and eventually stop the aging process.


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