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Whisper videos

Whisper videos

ASMR videos (aka whisper videos) are among one the most watched formats on YouTube. 

These are soothing, often sedative videos that typically include placid sights and sounds.

The content often features people whispering or making soft sounds, which can help listeners relax and give them a gentle tingling sensation across their scalp and body.

Other popular forms of soothing content include nature films, cottagecore videos, and compilations of "oddly satisfying" clips.

YouTube has a huge library of soothing videos about faraway destinations, village lifestyles, and the natural world.


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ASMR Videos

ASMR Videos

Thousands of creative videos can be found on YouTube for ASMR.

They mostly involve soothing visuals and sounds, like someone whispering a story in the microphone, or using something seemingly dull like a hairdryer, or someone acting as a nurse or a beautician to help people relax.

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