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Play to Learn

  • Old Way: Learn to Play.
  • New Way: Play to Learn.

We are living in an unprecedented era—historical boundaries are being broken, enabling anyone to participate.

If you're trying to learn anything new, insert yourself into the game. It's the only way.


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Teacher for special educational needs

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Centers of Progress

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The historical significance of urban centers

The impact of cultural and technological advances

The role of urban centers in shaping society

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6. Invite some play into your learning.

6. Invite some play into your learning.

When you study you’re serious, but when you learn you’re sincere, not serious, you invite some play into the process. Most people take learning so seriously they forget that it's supposed to be fun. 

Ask a simple question to yourself

"How can I make it more fun?"

Like if you are...

How do you transition from extrinsic to intrinsic motivators?

The answer lies in finding a way to “play anything.” Play doesn’t have to be fun. Finding a way to play a task is how you find the intrinsic motivation to keep you going and gets you hooked until you are done with the task.

Two ways to learn how to play anything:

  1. Focus more and ...

Low stakes goals

Low stakes goals

Don’t pick goals where the stakes are low. Failing in a safe zone is just a clever way of holding yourself back.

If you fail inside your comfort zone, it's not really a failure, it's just maintaining the status quo. If you never feel uncomfortable, then you're never trying anything new.

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