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6. Invite some play into your learning.

6. Invite some play into your learning.

When you study you’re serious, but when you learn you’re sincere, not serious, you invite some play into the process. Most people take learning so seriously they forget that it's supposed to be fun. 

Ask a simple question to yourself

"How can I make it more fun?"

Like if you are trying to memorize something then try making a song out of it.

If you're trying to memorize English vocabulary then using mnemonics is great way to make it fun.


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A Romanticist who is trying to understand this world by reading books. You can also follow me on YouTube, I post there quite often.

Lately, I have been trying to learn some hard things and they were exhausting me a little so I thought why not share some of the tips that worked for me, maybe someone else is trying to do the same.

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Turn Small Talk Into Intriguing Talk

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Not making lists

Not making lists

If you put something off and then forget to write down that you need to do it later, it’s possible that you could entirely forget about the first task.

If you’re a forgetful person, make a to-do list with all your tasks on it, and only cross them off when they’re 100% completed.

6. Focus on things that are in your control

Do we have a problem? What’s the solution? 

If we don’t have a solution and we cannot change things, then we don’t have a problem. It’s just the status quo and we’ll learn to live with it. 

Stressing out won’t make things better – it will just make you feel miserable and you’re no...

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