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Essence of a Successful Organization

Essence of a Successful Organization

It's not about the structure or the system or the processes or the infrastructure. It's about the people, always about the people.


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Classic lessons on success of organizations, teamwork, true leadership and life as we (don't) know it!

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The Psychology of Money

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The impact of emotions on financial decisions

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The essence of empowerment

The essence of empowerment

At its core, empowerment is about giving employees control over how they carry out their roles.

  • It's not uncommon for businesses to require employees to complete processes that have been developed exclusively by their managers. When that’s the culture, that is

A productivity system for your goals and efforts

The productivity system is not just about getting more work done - it's about organising all of your goals and efforts.

When it comes to self-improvement, people can face two problems:

  • They don't feel they have enough time or energy.

The essence of meaning

Facts with no meaning are dull.

Tie every fact (or set of facts) you present to a story, to emphasize why knowing these facts will bring value and will influence the perception about the world of the people listening.

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