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Let's admit that we always know that we have something important to do, but don't want to do it, so we find inessential things to do so we could forget about those important.

This means that you're losing from both perspectives:

  1. You don't have anything important done - you don't evolve/improve
  2. You do unimportant things, get nothing but low quality dopamine strike and wasted time

That's the reality.


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It became clear to me that everything I do isn't important to achieving my goals. So I made a reference for me and other people to keep us accountable of our activities.

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Deal With Procrastination.

Deal With Procrastination.

We all face procrastination and it is not about bad time management but lack of emotional understanding.

Whenever we decided to do work suddenly we face mood swings and surprisingly that mood swings have a reason to provoke.

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