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Dimension of Reality

From the axiom point of view

Like I said, when I said "dimension" this meant the "effect" of God . Because God is not a dimension, but dimensions are inside God.


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IN GOD WE TRUST I am free not because i have choices, but i am free because i rely on God with quality assured

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Ask specific but open-ended questions to enable you to see the other point of view and see all the dimensions of a problem.

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The Inside and Outside View

The Inside and Outside View

We sometimes make bad decisions because we are too much into the weeds in our head. There are 2 main views we hold:

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  • The outside view - how things generally unfold in situa...

The benefits of crying

The benefits of crying

From a psychotherapy point of view, releasing of emotions is a very good thing, especially when we have allowed emotions to build up inside for too long.

Crying doesn't just feel like a release; it releases toxins (which decreases stress), endorphins (horm...

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