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Is Time An Illusion?

More like our perception of it is so flawed that it may as well be an illusion. Every moment is equally real and happen ing now, but the nature of our consciousness only gives us access to one slice at a time. Think of our life like a book. Each page a distinct moment. But in the same way we read a book, we can only perceive one moment, one page, at a time. Our flawed perception shuts off access to all the others.


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Just like any other human being making mistakes and learning from them. Always trying to follow my own path. .......✌️🙂

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The problem at its heart...

Time is linear, but our perception of it is non-linear. And since we accept perception as reality, our distorted sense of time puts us in a distorted reality. 

No wonder we have trouble consistently progressing over time. 

We don’t rate or value (or even respect) each moment equally. ...

The passage of time is subjective

The passage of time is subjective

Time is the product of physics, but how we perceive the passage of time is the product of the mind.

Your perception of time is subjective and malleable - it changes in response to input and context. It can be distorted by drugs, disease, sleep deprivation, or other altere...

We see what we look for

We see what we look for

We tend to assume that our perceptions of sights, sounds, textures, and tastes are an accurate portrayal of the real world. But when we find ourselves fooled by a perceptual illusion, we realize that what we perceive, is our brain's best guess at what that world is like.

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