2020 COVID outbreak - Deepstash
2020 COVID outbreak 

2020 COVID outbreak 

  1. Wuhan meat market
  2. Lab based virus outbreak?
  3. Decreasing trust of Chinese environment and economy


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Crisis in China lying flat

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The new virus concerns

At the end of December 2019, concerns regarding a new form of illness related to the new virus arose in Wuhan, China. Since then, the virus has spread in several other countries due to international travel.
Many of the first persons infected had contact with a seafood and animal market in ...

Cultured meat and real meat

Lab-grown meat companies say that their lab-grown meat is real meat because it comes from an animal and has the same biochemical makeup as meat.

Others argue that real meat is from a harvested animal. They are against the hijacking of the term "meat." 

Giant viruses

In 1992, the giant virus, or mimivirus, was first observed during the pneumonia outbreak in England. Later the mamavirus and the even larger pandoravirus stretched the human perception of what it means to be a virus.

Giant viruses are not known to affect human health dramatically. The Asfi...

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