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Take care of your mind

Manage carefully what enters to your mind, who you spend your time with, what comes out of your mouth, what type of content you watch, what kind of activities you do.


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letters from a stoic

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Taking care of your mind garden

Taking care of your mind garden

  • Seed your mind garden with quality content. The format may impact how close you are to the source. The depth of the content you consume is not a measure of quality.
  • When consuming content, grow branches on your knowledge tree by taking notes. It wi...

Step 2: Take An Inventory of Your Content

Before creating an inventory of URLs and metrics, it is important to decide what kind of content you are going to review.

You need to start your inventory by collecting all the URLs of pages you want to analyze.

After collecting your URLs, sort them by different criteria, & track it w...

What ‘time well spent’ means to you

Ask yourself what a good day looks like at work and home.

  • Body: What do you want to do to feel healthy?
  • Mind: What engages your mind in a good way?
  • Love: Who do you want to spend your time with?
  • Wo...

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