23. Lust vs Love - Deepstash
23. Lust vs Love

23. Lust vs Love

Love can produce a lasting attraction which results in a deep connection. Lust is an uncontrollable desire to be with someone physically, and hormones rather than the mind cause it. 


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55 Fascinating Psychology Facts About Love - Most People Don't Know

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Emotions can act in our favour

Emotions can act in our favour

  • Generally, emotions keep us safe. Feeling fear will help us survive a threatening environment, and feeling love helps us form companionship.
  • Emotions can also be manipulated. It includes the act of "posturing" - making one's body look larger than i...

Emotions vs. Moods

Emotions vs. Moods

In everyday language, people often use the terms "emotions" and "moods", but psychologists actually make distinctions between the two. 

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23. Actor

23. Actor

  • A popular thinking tool for acting is called method acting
  • This technique involves trying to actually feel the emotions of the character you’re portraying, rather than just faking it.

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