Everyone falls somewhere on the Snowflake-to-Cactus continuum. - Deepstash

Everyone falls somewhere on the Snowflake-to-Cactus continuum.

“Thinkers are logical, value analysis, and default to directness in conversation. Feelers are sensitive, value empathy, and diplomacy reigns supreme.”


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How the Logical and Sensitive Can Thrive Side by Side

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Creating a Domino effect

Creating a Domino effect

Strategic thinkers demonstrate organizational value by creating more strategic thinkers. Developing a culture that considers strategy and doesn’t lose sight of the value that needs to be delivered greatly increases the capabilities of a company. Strategic thinkers are th...

Overdoing It On Empathy

Overdoing It On Empathy

Empathy is elicited when we perceive someone or something in need, when we value their welfare, and most importantly, when we take their perspective.

Eliciting empathy can be a very effective way to obtain support. But it stops working the moment the pain becomes too great, as the...

Feeling Alone In a Relationship: The Signs To Consider

  1. A partner feels they are not heard or are speaking even though the other person does not want to listen. They also feel they have to initiate every conversation.
  2. A partner cannot bear the other speaking and wants to make them stop, or is resisting conversations altogether.

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