Know your triggers to avoid triggering others. - Deepstash

Know your triggers to avoid triggering others.

“The shadow facet of our personality is the hidden part of ourselves with which we do not consciously identify.”


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How the Logical and Sensitive Can Thrive Side by Side

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Your Motives Are Unknown To You

  • We have certain unconscious inclinations and motives, a part of our personality that is hidden from us.
  • An extensive psychological experiment that examined the automatic, reflexive response in participants revealed that the image conveyed in surveys has little to do with the actual...

Know Your Triggers

Know Your Triggers

This way, you can learn to be more in control of your reactions:

  • Identify the things that bother you the most (rejection, criticism, or even something that has nothing to do with you).
  • Think about basic contributing factors like lack of sleep, being hungry or thirsty, or being ...

Improving your life with motivation

While motivation is a huge topic, and the science on it is not in agreement, there are many takeaways we can use to understand how motivation operates and use it to improve our lives.

  • Rewards and punishments are at the centre of motivation. For example, we may not b...

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