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First Law: Make the cues obvious

First Law: Make the cues obvious

Habits are initiated by cues, and a visual cue is the most obvious of all. Habits are, hence, linked to the environment.

Keep your running shoes in front of you. Keep your books on the table. 


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It's 1st January 2023, and my friends made their ambitious new year resolutions. However, research shows that almost 80% people abandon their resolutions by February. It's not these huge, ambitious goals, but the compounding of small systems that work towards changing you. Atomic Habits is one of the most lucid and practical books that helps you create systems to transform yourself.

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Creating A Culture Of Learning

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Founds In Atomic Habits 1

  1. If you want to stick with a habit, first you have to make it obvious.  
  2. When and where are the most important questions for the habit formation. 
  3. I will  ( behaviour ) at ( time ) in ( location ). 
  4. Implementation intention clears the foggy notion. 
  5. Habit stack...

Know Your Cues

Habits have three main parts: a cue, a routine and a reward. Cues are the context where you tend to engage in the behavior and knowing your triggers can help you avoid them.

Capitalizing on major life changes can also help break an unhealthy habit. Shifts in lifestyle can actually be...

Rearrange the Environment

Rearrange the Environment

'Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior.'

Habits become easy to perform when you do that thing in a particular place everyday. Create your environment in such a way that the CUE will be better visible to you. 

Gradually, the habits become associated not w...

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