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Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions

Assuming that happiness should be a target and that positivity is a constant does more harm than good.. By denying negative emotions we experience deeper and more prolonged negative emotions and usually results in emotional dysfunction.

Rigidly trying to be positive can only be achieved by avoiding reality and therefore hurting ourselves in the long run. Refusing to admit that things are bad perpetuates those bad things instead of solving them, so the best thing to do is be honest about problems, you may however have a positive outlook towards solving them, and then work to solve them. 


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I like to put myself in situations where i make interesting mistakes. Artist by nature. Engineer by study. Designer by profession. Martial Artist by Interest. Mage by inheritance, and i live by two seas and a river.

Place urself in situations to make interesting mistakes and share ur learnings.

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Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions

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