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A good way to practice this is to get in the state of flow that researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi described. Lose yourself in a task, and lose track of time. That’s how you know you’re in flow, and any challenge that is not too difficult but also not too boring and feels intrinsically rewarding can trigger it.

Start small. Put the brakes on multitasking, go down fewer social media rabbit holes, and remind yourself that it’s okay to not know everything. Find some time to get into flow, and your power to focus will be back in no time!


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Introverted Extravert

Stolen Focus - Book Summary

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Choosing an activity to enter the flow state

Choosing an activity to enter the flow state

Arguably, the most important criteria in the pursuit of flow is to pick intrinsically rewarding tasks that have high consequences (e.g., rock climbing or public speaking), clear feedback, and take place in a rich and varied environment (so not your office cubicle).

Get Your Emotions in Check

  • Practice mind control and master it! Get rid of bad thoughts; they will just constantly remind you badly of yourself. Instead, use that flaw as an inspiration to train yourself and get better at anything.
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Follow the citation trails

Once you gained some understanding in a field, follow citation trails. There will often be dozens of other papers cited and can result in an extensive reading list. Thus it is helpful to limit yourself to the few most promising ones.

Citations need two factors: fre...

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