Develop deep self-awareness and a strong belief in yourself. - Deepstash

Develop deep self-awareness and a strong belief in yourself.

“Leadership is communicating people’s worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves.” (leadership legend Stephen R. Covey)


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Develop state awareness

People who fail to notice when they are becoming annoyed, judgmental, or defensive in the moment are not choosing how to behave. We all need an inner "lookout."

It is critical during a period of organizational change that the senior executives collectively adopt the lookout role for the org...

6. Struggling with Self-Acceptance

6. Struggling with Self-Acceptance

Despite their intelligence and potential, they often fail to see their own worth. They focus on their perceived flaws and shortcomings, while overlooking their strengths and capabilities.

Their internal dialogue is often one of self-criticism and self-doubt. They might be their own harshest...

Self-awareness and leadership

Self-awareness and leadership

After examined the traits that contribute to the effectiveness of successful leaders, researchers concluded that a high level of self-awareness was the strongest predictor of success: when leaders are self-aware, they know how to hire subordinates who are strong in the areas where they themselves...

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