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Who would I recommend the 10-Minute Toughness to?

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling unproductive, lacking determination, or simply wanting to take charge of your life and reach your goals, 10-Minute Toughness is the book for you. Reading it will reveal the most effective ways of setting goals and sticking to them to achieve the ultimate level of fulfillment. If you’re looking to become the best version of yourself, give this book a read.


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Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. To do so, you must first act and think like the person you want to be. To have your brain think that you are the confident and reliable person you wish to become, you need to set goals and objectives that you ought to follow ever...


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Top 3 Book Lessons

  1. Your image of yourself is a self-constructed concept that you can change anytime.
  2. Set goals out of passion and love, so that you enjoy their accomplishment.
  3. To become successful, you must work constantly towards achieving your goals, and no...


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Lesson 2: Set goals effectively by following your passion

Everybody has a dream, or at least something that they love doing more than anything else. Some people are lucky enough to call their passion a job, but what happens to the rest of us? The majority of the world works for financial security, and not out of love for their occupation. As such,...


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If you follow money or social status, but that’s not what you truly desire in your heart, achieving these will leave you unfulfilled and miserable. As such, once you set a goal that speaks to your identity, you have to commit to it 100%. It won’t be fun, nor easy, and you’ll have to give up...


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To step out of this undesirable approach to life, you must first learn how to set goals effectively . To start with, think about your passion and what you love doing most. All your endeavors should revo...


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The 10-Minute Toughness - Book Review

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling unproductive, lacking determination, or simply wanting to take charge of your life and reach your goals, 10-Minute Toughness is the book for you. Reading it will reveal the...


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To do so, you must have a clear vision first, and target your efforts. Moreover, you non have to stop caring about what those around you say, and trust yourself more. Although it may sound simple, these aspects stand in the way of the majority of us. These impede us from becoming our best selves....


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10-Minute Toughness - Book Summary

10-Minute Toughness is a hands-on guide to becoming the best version of yourself and achieving success through consistent good practices such as eating right, forming meaningful ...


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However, only by doing these things automatically you’ll truly tap into a focused mindset and target your efforts in the most efficient way. Although difficult at first, you ought to take each day as it is and do your best, stick to your short-term objectives to meet your end goals, and you...


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Lesson 1: Build a powerful image of yourself to improve

Everybody views themselves in a certain way. Some people seem to have it all figured out, that’s why they feel confident and unshakeable. Others don’t think highly of themselves, and unfortunately, that shows as well. However, that can change at any time. The


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However, the path to mental toughness and a winning mentality can be challenging. To think that you can achieve everything you want, you must train your mind, body, and spirit accordingly . You have to show yourself that you are ca...


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You can’t underperform or even outperform your self-image , especially in the long run. If you believe that you’re not capable of doing a certain thing, chances are you won’t succeed at doing it. Doesn’t matter if you tr...


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Lesson 3: Success is a result of gradual improvement, not sudden motivation

Have you ever caught yourself in a particular moment having an unusual desire to just fix everything in your life, follow your ambitions and take charge of everything at once? Those sudden bursts of motivation can definitely fuel your ambitions, but they won’t take you too far in the long r...


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Book Overview

Mental toughness and self-confidence are two essential traits of successful people. For example, in sports, confidence plays a major role. It is said to be the most influential aspect in controlling performance. In other words, thinking highly of yourself and believing that you can do something i...


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Relying on motivation alone to get things done won’t do much, as those sudden moments of stimulus don’t happen too often. Instead, progressive efforts and gradual improvement will help you achieve your goals . To reach a ...


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Author Quote

Author Quote

"Mental toughness is the ability to focus on and execute solutions, especially in the face of adversity."

-Jason Selk


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Introverted Extravert

10-Minute Toughness - Book Summary

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