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“When it comes to changing the world, what I’ve learned from Steve Jobs is if you believe in a Macintosh, if you believe in iPhone, iPod, iPad, if you believe enough, then you will see it. So you need to foster the belief in what you are dreaming so that it becomes a reality, which is very different than saying, “I don’t expect anybody to believe it until I see it.” You need people to believe it before they can see it.”



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"A good idea should be like a girl's skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest."

Golden 👑 nugget advices (maybe diamond 💎 nugget) ….

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Explaining complexity can overcome arogance

The first barrier to changing someone’s view is arrogance. If you call out their ignorance directly, they may get defensive. A better approach is to let them recognize the gaps in their own understanding.

Trying to explain something complex can be a humbling experience—even...

Have the courage to face the odds

Have the courage to face the odds

So what if the dog bites? I was just saying not to expect only positive outcomes; consider the possibility that things may turn against you. So what? Do good even if that happens.

5. Ask yourself this question

5. Ask yourself this question

Self-reflection in the morning can set you up for success the entire day. No one knew this better than the late Steve Jobs. Too often, we go through our lives on autopilot, only to realize later that we've lost sight of our values, goals and passions along the way. Steve Jobs avoided this scenari...

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