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he idea isn’t, however, to have low goals, but to have realistic ones; ones you know you can actually achieve with effort. An examination of yourself and your own capabilities can prove really helpful to get rid of this attitude.


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Introverted Extravert

There Are 4 Defeatist Attitudes That Prevent Success In Life

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Not Having Goals

Not Having Goals

It’s easy to try to tackle too much or too little and fail in changing when you don’t make a well thought out plan based on your goals and capabilities.

To achieve your dream, you need to set small goals. They don’t necessarily have to be grand but they must be something th...

Social comparison

While comparing yourself to others might not be extremely helpful, comparing yourself to people who are in a less good position than you might actually lead to you feeling better.

So, if you really feel this need, try not comparing yourself but to the ones in an inferior position.

Studying better

When it comes to studies, most of us tend to get really stressed. Which is basically normal, as it is about evaluating our own knowledge in the different fields. However, there are some tips that can help you pass the exams without freaking out. For instance, going through the books properly: ch...

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