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Economic growth

The key to a higher standard of living is to expand savings, capital formation, education, and technology.


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Economics in one page

Economics in one page

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What makes it [economics] most fascinating is that its fundamental principles are so simple that they can be written on one page, that anyone can understand them, and yet very few do. — Milton Friedman

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The rise of economic indicators in the 19th century

Capitalization was key to the rise of economic indicators. Upper-class Americans began to put their wealth into new financial assets. They began to see their society as a capitalized investment and the people as capital that could be used to increase wealth.

In the North, ...


Capital is the purchase of an ownership stake in a business. For parties that have resources to allocate, providing Capital is a way to help owners of new or existing businesses expand or enter new markets.

In order to provide value via Capital, you must:

  • Have a ...

Tokyo: Economic growth

Tokyo rapidly reindustrialized. With the country's drastic increase in imports and exports, Tokyo acted as a major trade hub.

Japan had few natural resources but imported large amounts of raw materials to manufacture finished goods. The profits from the ma...

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