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Lesson 2: Everyone loves being asked and answering questions

I recently thought about how much I know about my parents’ childhoods. As it turns out, it’s not too much. Sure, I know where they went to school and a couple big milestones, but teenage life is long – there’s so much I still have to ask them!

Think about someone you’ve known most or all of your life. How much do you really know about them? Chances are there’s still tons left to discover. By showing interest, you can improve your relationships even with the best of your friends and loved ones .


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Questions to Ask Oneself For Being Inclusive

  • Have the humility to know that there’s much you don’t know about others’ experiences. 
  • Have the courage to ask difficult questions about your own leadership style.
  • How are you truly supporting women at work and in your life overall? 
  • Ask about the experiences of women...

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