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You can’t both create space to let your mind wander and intensely focus at the same time. You need to use your judgment to figure out what’s right for you at a given time in your life.


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“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.” — Charlie Munger

These ideas are so simple and easy to implement in our life.

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Focus on important tasks

Focus on important tasks

To create space for what is meaningful, focus on important tasks.

Pick just 3 (or even just 1) and focus on that first. Put aside everything else (you can come back to all that later) and create space for what’s meaningful in your life.

Overstimulation is the enemy of focus

Overstimulation is the enemy of focus

Instead of trying to fit more in, allowing our mind space to wander and come up with ideas & plans that make us more effectively productive.

To feel the effect, try this for 2 weeks (because research shows it takes about 8 days for the mind to fully calm down & rest):


Be Present

Don’t let your mind wander, keep it in the moment, focus on what’s happening around or within you. 

The past is set and the future unpredictable, either take action or stop worrying about them, as it accomplishes nothing.

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