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Set Goals

Set Goals

By identifying long- and short-term goals, and by creating an action plan to achieve them, you will take a proactive approach to your life and work towards what you really want. 

Setting goals will help you take a deliberate approach to your life and work towards specific outcomes. 

Doing so will improve motivation and increase the likelihood to achieving them. 


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Unfiltered writing about self-improvement, human potential, and anything in between to live better.

Being proactive matters because it empowers us to take control of our lives, rather than simply reacting to events and circumstances as they occur. Proactive = Productivity + Efficiency + Effectiveness!

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Setting goals and working towards them are good antidotes to routine’s downsides. We are proactive rather than reactive, creative rather than staid. But we can undermine our goals if we are also emotionally driven. When the going gets tough and the goals are not...

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Set Boundaries

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