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Stage III Minds: The Object-Thinking Minds

Stage Three minds encompass all the vertebrate minds, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. These minds can think about objects—about concrete things in the world—so we call them “object-thinking” minds.


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

The journey of the mind—so far—is the chronicle of purpose winning ever-more daunting battles with chaos. Minds defeat chaos by ascending to new stages of intelligence, autonomy, and awareness. Each new stage of thinking in the universe masters a broader scope of physical reality than the stage before. This makes it clear that human beings are not the ultimate destination of the journey of the mind at all.

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What is Thinking?

What is Thinking?

Thinking is the ultimate cognitive activity, consciously using our brain to make sense of the world around us and decide how to respond to it. Unconsciously our brain is still thinking and this is part of our cognitive process but is not what we normally call ‘thinking’.


Bayesian Thinking

Bayesian Thinking

At the core of Bayes’ rule is a principle: Even if we have very little data, we can still forecast the future by making assumptions and then skewing them based on what we observe about the world.

Humans are astoundingly good Bayesian predictors, even if we’re unaware of it....

Our brains as libraries

Our brains as libraries

  • Schemas are the building blocks of our knowledge about the world. Our brains rely on different types of schemas to understand different types of situations.
  • Schemas are like books in your mind telling you what different objects are and what they do...

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