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The Ideology-Thinking Minds

Social media, economic globalization, and cultural globalization can all be understood as a natural and inevitable part of the journey of the mind as it works out the new structures and dynamics that may one day bind together the community of human superminds into a hypermind. Instead of thinking about ideas, this emergent hypermind might think in terms of ideologies.


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“An idea is something that won’t work unless you do.” - Thomas A. Edison

The journey of the mind—so far—is the chronicle of purpose winning ever-more daunting battles with chaos. Minds defeat chaos by ascending to new stages of intelligence, autonomy, and awareness. Each new stage of thinking in the universe masters a broader scope of physical reality than the stage before. This makes it clear that human beings are not the ultimate destination of the journey of the mind at all.

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Machine Learning With Google

Learn more about religionandspirituality with this collection

Understanding machine learning models

Improving data analysis and decision-making

How Google uses logic in machine learning

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