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Seek Wisdom

Ask your older loved ones the question and see what they say!

Wisdom from years and years of life.


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Introverted Extravert

40 Pieces Of Advice From 90-Year-Olds For Living a Fulfilling Life

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Suffering and Wisdom

Suffering and Wisdom

When we're young, we say what we feel like, not caring or not knowing about the consequences.

As we grow older, going through the roller coaster of life, we tend to become silent, owing to the wisdom that comes with the experiences of life.

Untapped wisdom

There is a huge amount of untapped wisdom and potential in older people.

Because of the happiness curve, they are often in a position where they desire to give back by being mentors, volunteers, or work easier jobs, which allow them to use their skills.

The Meaning Of Wisdom

The Meaning Of Wisdom

Practical wisdom is the answer to the question: How best shall one live?

The Value Fulfillment Theory states that wisdom is the skill sets, dispositions, and policies that help us understand and make use of the means and ends to live. This includes the capacity to see and ...

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