7. They make hard ideas simple. - Deepstash
7. They make hard ideas simple.

7. They make hard ideas simple.

"They effortlessly communicate complex concepts in a simple way.


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Simple rules

They are shortcut strategies that save time and effort by focusing our attention and simplifying the way we process information. The rules aren’t universal- they’re tailored to the particular situation and the person using them.

We use simple rules to guide decision making every day....

What ideas are

What ideas are

An idea is a connection between two concepts.

Steve Jobs said that creativity is just connecting things. When you understand that and think of ideas in that way, the process of generating ideas will seem a lot less intimidating.

Go with simple stories

The simple story is more successful than the complicated one.

Using simple language as well as low complexity is the best way to activate the brain regions that make us truly relate to the happenings of a story. Reduce the number of adjectives or complicated nouns

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