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Embrace a mindful spending approach

Embrace a mindful spending approach

Before making any purchase, take a moment to reflect on its necessity and value. Mindful spending enables you to make better financial decisions and avoid impulsive purchases.


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Discover 10 powerful techniques to boost your financial success and mindfulness. Share your favorite tips in the comments, and let's learn from each other's experiences!

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Reasoning For The 30-Day Rule

Waiting a month distances us from the planned purchase emotionally, filtering out any impulsive decisions.

Waiting for 30 days before making any purchase makes us use our discipline, foresight, planning and restraint, and would feel exactly like curbing our urge to eat jun...

Frivolous Spending

  • The short-term decisions, impulsive buying, and the "I want it now" mindset is hindering every progress we make away from achieving our financial goals.
  • We constantly spend on things that have little to no value for ourselves, such as lattes, dail...

Mindful spending

Before spending money on something, ask yourself: Do I need it? Do I love it? Do I like it? Do I want it?

  • Needs relate to: food, shelter, clothing, water. Things you must have to maintain your health and safety. 
  • Loves will continue to give you joy six months to a year...

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