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5. Reward

5. Reward

Find ways to hold yourself accountable for sticking to your new habit. This could mean tracking your progress, sharing your goals with others, or setting up rewards for achieving milestones.


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The importance of living in the present moment

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Use a Reading Tracker

One of the best ways to establish and stick with a new reading habit or commitment is to boost your motivation with a reading tracker.

The point of tracking isn’t primarily to hold you accountable, it’s to provide positive reinforcement, and therefore motivation, to ...

3.d. Implementation: Cultivating Discipline

Identify a Keystone Habit: Choose one small habit that you believe will have a positive ripple effect on your discipline. This could be making your bed each morning, a simple task that sets a tone of accomplishment.


1. They are committed to themselves.

1. They are committed to themselves.

Show your willingness to get things done. Making a promise to yourself is a good way to hold yourself accountable. This can be achieved by jotting down your goals, having a to-do list handy, and setting reminders on the phone and in the calendar.

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