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Lift others by asking questions and listening deeply

“If you want to build a deeper conversation and lift the other person, you must listen so thoughtfully that the barriers and armor of standard conversation disappear.”


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Asking deep questions

Once you have got the chance to get to know a bit more about the other, you can initiate the use of deeper questions. 

These allow you to create a bond and to show to the other person how interested you are in his or her life.

Tips To Improve Your Listening Skills

  1. Be fully present. Avoid distractions and multitasking, focusing exclusively on the other person.
  2. Ask a question to better understand and help the conversation go deeper.
  3. Question more. Good questions make for great conversation. The more you listen, the m...

Uncontrolled envy prevents asking questions

For example, do they know exactly how much the person they’re so envious of had to fight to obtain what they have? Or what barriers they’ve had to overcome? Are they capable of constructively identifying the values that have produced the differences between the two of them that prove so annoying ...

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