2. Create A Unique Hybrid - Deepstash

2. Create A Unique Hybrid

It’s one thing to put deep time and attention on fewer things consistently over time. It’s another thing entirely to build something no one has seen before.


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These things have been change me over 12 months. Try all of them

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Create A Mental Cue

Create A Mental Cue

Do something special each time before you sit down to go into flow state.

Whether it’s repeating a special sentence or affirmation, taking a few deep breaths or anything else — do that same exact thing each time you want to get into flow state. Over time, this will...

Productivity yields results

Productivity yields results

There’s only one thing that helps you to go from nothing to something: You have to put in the work. 

Make sure you value effectiveness over everything. Results matter. Get things done and move on to the next thing.

Communicate your improvements

Communicate how the small changes helped you to improve. After a week focusing on this one thing, our natural tendency is to want to share how we did toward our output.

Be sure to talk about the small thing you focused on. It will help reinforce that focusing on th...

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