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3. Time Spend On Deep Work

Having a bunch of goals is good to make your life purposeful, but trying to finish all those things at one time isn't the way to success. Create your daily time boxing that can lead you to finish your entire to-do list.


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7. Nurturing a Still, Non-Reactive Mind

Being reactive in a world of uncertainty will lead you to a miserable and poor state. Just like looking at your reflection in calm water, you'll have a clear picture of your body, while in wavy water, the reflection is distorted. A still mind resides in a healthy, active body, and meditation can ...


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8. Developing Royal Audience

As we mentioned before, building a massive asset is important. A loyal audience is an asset that you can develop by building great relationships through your channel. Everything you build will bring more benefits by having a loyal audience. Loyal audience members often come from your initial audi...


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5. Prioritizing Your Asset Ownership Accumulation

Assets are precious things that hold value over time. Historically, assets have been the fundamental reason for wars. Many wars were fought over land acquisition. By focusing your time in exchange for assets, they will become valuable in the future. Don't exchange your time for money.


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4. Saving Over Your 40% Month Of Income

Inflation is inevitable, so saving your money for investment and business can enhance your buying ability in the future.


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10. Building Trusting Community

You can boost your progress alone, but try to build a network of individuals whom you can trust to leverage your actions. A community, such as mentors, friends, and consultants, can multiply your growth quickly.


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2. Create A Unique Hybrid

It’s one thing to put deep time and attention on fewer things consistently over time. It’s another thing entirely to build something no one has seen before.


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1. ‘Unreasonable’ Consistency

Most people are inconsistent because they view it as boring.


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Instead of following the crowd, you can create your own direction by using these 10 uncommon habits:

  1. ‘Unreasonable’ Consistency
  2. Create a Unique Hybrid
  3. Time Spent in Deep Work
  4. Saving Over 40% of Your...


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6. Being Geographically Detached

It's dangerous to focus solely on one geographical location in a world that is rapidly changing and uncertain. Try to explore different places, which will make you flexible and allow you to adapt quickly. It will be more fun, exciting, and regret-free along the journey.


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9. Developing Uncommon Sexual Restraints

Sexual desire is powerful, so don't lose control of it. Try to manage and channel that desire into something meaningful, long-lasting, and powerful. You can allocate that desire into daily habits, building projects, and expanding your network.


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These things have been change me over 12 months. Try all of them

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