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Setting limits

Three keys to setting limits and ensuring people respect them:

Be clear, be direct, and don’t try to avoid the discomfort and guilt that often accompany protecting your boundaries.

When you communicate your boundaries, stay calm and be straightforward. State your needs and expectations clearly. Then take action to enforce the boundaries you’ve stated. Don’t allow people to violate them. Difficult individuals might test your limits, question your actions, get defensive or cut off communication – you’ll have to accept these responses as the price of setting boundaries. 


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For many people, a lack of healthy boundaries underlies anxiety and burnout. How to restore sanity by setting and enforcing limits with family, friends, co-workers and managers.

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Own The Audience

Get the audience involved:

  • Ask for a show of hands.
  • Quiz them with trivia.
  • Give them a problem to solve.

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