5. Let Go of External Validation - Deepstash
5. Let Go of External Validation

5. Let Go of External Validation

Release the need for constant approval from others and find genuine fulfillment by focusing on internal validation and self-acceptance.


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A counterintuitive approach to living a good life by focusing on what truly matters. 🌟📚

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Seeking External Validation

We naturally seek validation from external sources like friends, family and social media (number of likes), but fail to realize that true happiness comes from within us, and real freedom is when we focus on ourselves, not others.

If we only strive for external vali...

Emotional Validation

Emotional Validation

  • Many people need approval from others when it comes to one’s shortcomings and the inability to be perfect. It is comforting to seek and get some sort of validation, but there is a price to pay for this.
  • The trap that people fall into is called the ‘borrowi...

4. Seeking constant validation

4. Seeking constant validation

Despite their intelligence, these individuals may struggle to believe in their own worth. As a result, they often look to others for affirmation, constantly seeking praise or validation to reassure themselves of their competence and worthiness.

This constant need for approval can lead them...

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