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Luck in Psychology

Luck in Psychology

Luck is more than the absence of bad luck, like health is more than the absence of illness.

The german term for luck 'Glück' can additionally be translated as happiness and well-being.

Psychology differentiates between two concepts of Glück:

  1. Hedonic Happiness
  2. Eudaimonic Happiness


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Just a curious forever-child appreciating to question taken for granted things constructively.

The pursuit of happiness is not to flee into your dreams, but to live your dreams. And it all starts with how you define happiness in your life and how you perceive it.

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Hedonic Well-Being

Hedonic pleasures like consumerism or gluttony are the more visible, accessible and immediate ways to attain an instant jolt of happiness, however temporary.

While eudaimonic well being is associated with authenticity, excellence, meaning, and virtuous living, hedonic well being i...

Quantifying happiness

Happiness has always been difficult to quantify because it is subjective, depending on if you have a short- or a long-term outlook on life. Recently, researchers have started to distinguish between two types of happiness: 

  • Hedonic happiness that provides a mental hi...

A Psychologically Rich Life

A Psychologically Rich Life

The definition of a good life has been divided into two main conceptualizations by many great philosophers and thinkers.

  • A Happy Life or hedonic well-being involves pleasure, positivity and enjoyment.
  • A Meaningful Life or eudaimonic well-being is full of vi...

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