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Happiness: More Than Just Luck

Happiness: More Than Just Luck

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Luck in Psychology

Luck in Psychology

Luck is more than the absence of bad luck, like health is more than the absence of illness.

The german term for luck 'Gl眉ck' can additionally be translated as happiness and well-being.

Psychology differentiates between two concepts of Gl眉ck:

  1. Hedonic Happiness
  2. Eudaimonic Happiness


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1. HH - Hedonic Happiness

1. HH - Hedonic Happiness

Hedonism is the experience of joy, fun and pleasure while avoiding pain and discomfort. In this concept the key to maximise happiness is to pursue positive emotions and avoid the negative ones.

It focus more on short-term gratification.


  • Delicious food
  • Walk in nature
  • Sexual activities
  • Entertainment


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2. EH - Eudaimonic Happiness

2. EH - Eudaimonic Happiness

Eudaimonism can be translated with the 'divine inner self'. It is about the pursuit to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Happiness is derived from finding a sense of purpose, living in accordance to one's core-values (authenticity), reaching one's best potential (excellency) and having a positive impact on the world.

It focus more on long-term well-being.


  • Good overall health
  • Defining your own success
  • Strong and deep relationships
  • Life long learning and progress


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Hedonic vs. Eudaimonic Happiness

Hedonic vs. Eudaimonic Happiness

What's better?

Psychology doesn't like horse-race comparisons. Both concepts aren't contradictory, but complementary. To understand this we apply both concepts on workplaces.


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Hedonic & Eudaimonic Happiness in Workplaces

Hedonic & Eudaimonic Happiness in Workplaces

Bullshit Jobs (grey) 鈥 鈫 HH, 鈫 EH

  • Have no bigger meaning and aren't fun

Pleasant Jobs (yellow) 鈥 鈫 HH, 鈫 EH

  • Aren't fulfilling but also aren't boring

Self-sacrificing Jobs (white green) 鈥 鈫 HH, 鈫 EH

  • Aren't fun, but are relevant to society or your values

Profession (green) 鈥 鈫 HH, 鈫 EH

  • If you can choose, choose your meaningful dreamjob


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Happinness comes from Balance

Happinness comes from Balance

Pleasure as well as purpose are important to live a happy life.

Synergise both in creating good habits. A joyful reward after 'eating the daily frog' task.

The world isn't black and white, it's full of colours. Learn to see these to reach balance. It all starts with your perception and choice of response.


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Just a curious forever-child appreciating to question taken for granted things constructively.


The pursuit of happiness is not to flee into your dreams, but to live your dreams. And it all starts with how you define happiness in your life and how you perceive it.

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