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Navigating gracefully through change

Navigating gracefully through change

Resilience is about embracing change with strength. It's about accepting that change is constant in life and being able to navigate it with grace and adaptability.

By incorporating activities that promote well-being and stress relief into our routines, like exercise and self-reflection, we can cultivate resilience daily. Besides these, you can start a gratitude journal. It can build resilience due to the fact that you spend the day with negative points, but when you finish the day and review it, you understand the positive points in your life. And that's what a gratitude Journal can do for you.


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I am a portuguese student living in Lisbon. I'm currently taking a Bachelor's in Management at Nova SBE.

Stress and Anxiety can cause damage to our daily lives, either at work or at home. Control it. Be resilient. Fight what brings you down. And stay consistent.

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Embrace for personal growth

Embracing these aspects of life, you can cultivate a mindset of growth, resilience, and fulfillment, leading to a more enriching and meaningful existence.

Here are some key elements to embrace:

1. Change

2. Challenges

3. Uncertainty

4. Diversity

5. Authenticity...

Gratitude as a way of life

One way to cultivate a disposition of gratitude is to give thanks regularly - at the beginning of the day, at meals, and at the end of the day.

Holidays, weeks, seasons, and years can be punctuated with thanks - grateful prayer, writing thank-you notes, and keeping a gratitude journal.

The Conclusion

The Conclusion

By integrating these lessons from Studio Ghibli films into your daily life, you can enhance your emotional well-being, foster deeper connections, and navigate life's challenges with greater resilience and compassion.

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