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Part 4: Applying Adler's Philosophy in Practice

Part 4: Applying Adler's Philosophy in Practice

This part of the book provides practical examples and case studies of how Adler’s philosophy can be applied in everyday life, as well as tips and strategies for implementing it in your own life.


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Stoic Philosophy

Stoic Philosophy

Stoicism (an ancient Greek philosophy made popular by Romans) acknowledges the challenges we face and teaches us practical lessons so that we may overcome whatever stands in our way. By taking a practical approach to happiness (eudaimonia), we learn how to maintain it for longer periods of time a...

Cultivate Stoicism in your life

Stoic philosophy can be cultivated as a practical philosophy:

  • Seeing the good in everything that happens around us, not feeling hijacked or negatively affected by fate and life events.
  • Treating life as an experiment, not being overly attached to things, people and decisions.

Defining philosophy

Philosophy is examining our understanding of reality and knowledge. Philosophy consists of three major branches:

  1. Metaphysics - What is true about existence.
  2. Epistemology - How we can know that it is true. Epistemology has given...

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