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What Is Flow State?

What Is Flow State?

A state of consciousness where you can do any task effortlessly is the flow state

A scientist analyzing data whole night is in a flow state. A topper studying all day is in flow state.

Flow State can be described as addiction to work.

You lose the track of time, hunger and even the sense of identity when you are in such a state. It's just magic!


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How To Enter Flow State

How To Enter Flow State


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A daydreamer who's really into psychology, philosophy & novels.

I have been struggling to be a good student like I was before 2020. It's been an year since I am figuring out how to do that and this is what I learnt in my journey. The video mentioned provided me with a cue to write these ideas

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The flow state

The flow state

We experience the "flow state" when a given task becomes effortless and time slips by without our noticing. It's an absorbing, intrinsically rewarding state that we enter when performing certain tasks.

When in the flow state we experience mindfulness and actions and awareness merge, ...

The Flow State

The Flow State

Flow is the mental state where we are so immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity that we lose sense of space and time.

The moment you recognize being in flow, its blissful sensation begins to dissolve and the wor...

Feeling in FLOW State

In the state of flow, we feel STER — Selflessness, Timelessness, Effortlessness, and Richness.

  • Selflessness: Our inner voice shuts down and we become one with the wo...

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